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Having an online website is a smart move these days. However, it's next to useless if nobody visits. You've got to figure out ways to drive traffic to your amazing site to receive bookings, tips, and sell your media.

Inexpensive business cards can be an efficient means of getting your audience to visit your website. They can also be an excellent way to get around not being able to sell cd's and videos on a public venue should it be illegal.

They don't even have to be official business cards. Of course, high quality cards lend a hand in creating an impact of professionalism but they can just be plain copy paper - anything to display your website address.

The best websites are professionally built without ads. Free hosting for your site is available all over the internet including such popular places like and Some free sites allow you to create a special page for the audience you've just entertained and even upload your own media.

A picture of yourself on your card is important and helps them remember the fantastic time they had listening to your songs or watching your circle act. Now, they can place your face with the memory you've created and remind them just what a wonderful time they had at your show.

Hand a pile of cards to a few kids for them to distribute in the middle of your show. A lot of times, the audience doesn't have the time to buy your cd's or video just now. You may actually find yourself selling more of your media online than in person.

Post your cards around town anywhere others are posted while you're out and about anyway. They're even handy for passing out personally one at a time to potential employers. You'll never get tired of handing someone your card. It seems some people make a living doing just that.

Be creative with getting your business cards out there. Try stuffing newspapers and free classifieds as well as other periodicals. You'd be amazed how many ways you can find to freely distribute these small ads of yourself.

By creating a website and distributing cards, you've allowed the audience to return to relive some of the magic they experienced with your show. They can book you for their own entertainment or purchase your music or video online at their own convenience. Use a secure payment gateway like Paypal and include testimonials of other happy customers.

Coupled with virtual busking, this will undoubtedly generate more revenue in your artistic endeavors.

Now you can make even more money while you snore.


Brad King

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