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Street theater including stand-up comedy, one-man plays, and troupes of actors performing dance, drama, and folk music is a treat for the whole family.

These creative plays can be informative as well as amusing. Children and adults, too, love plays. Simply defining a candle-lite stage can be enough to create an audience.

From Hamlet to swashbuckling pirates to the three mouseketeers, theatre is one of the most unlimited of all the arts. From modern day to centuries old plays, this art of expression and entertainment goes back to ancient times. From entertainment to politics to social commentary, theatre in some form has always been used as vehicle of communication and entertainment.

The world's earliest report of a dramatic production comes from the banks of the Nile. It is in the form of a stone tablet preserved in a German museum and contains the sketchy description of I-kher-nefert, a representative of the Egyptian king. It tells of the parts he played in a performance of the world's first recorded "passion" play somewhere around the year 2000 BC. This Egyptian play bears a notable resemblance to the plays of the twentieth century. Its purpose is obviously the same as that of the one at Ober-Ammergau, or the Tyrolean, or the Persian passion play of Hussein. The being and principal object is to keep vivid in the minds of the faithful the sufferings and triumph of a god.

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