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The most important part of your show is probably your hat line or how you ask your audience for appreciation. You can be the greatest busker in the world and still blow your hat line to Kingdom Come. This is a shame because it affects your income. It's the difference between a small and fat hat.

First, you must realize that not everyone is a busker in this world. You are truly a rare entity. Nobody in the world performs like you. Therefore, it's important to realize you are a unique busker. Hence, since you are unique, like Mastercard, you are priceless. No amount of money could ever begin to replace you. You are a living wonder unto yourself.

Secondly, always be seeding your hatline throughout your show and not just at the end. This way, they know what's coming, how the system works, and won't freak out when you ask for appreciation. A busker can forewarn his audience by holding up his hat during his show a few times and mention, "Remember folks, the hat will be passed at the end for tips just like in the olden days!" & "Remember folks, I'll be passing the dreaded magic hat for tips at the end of my show!"

Thirdly, you have to actually tell them what amount to give you. Don't expect them to know anything about the olden days. Keep your tips high with suggestions like, "If you really liked my show, let my hat know. I usually get a some twentys and some tens. I really like fives with a zero on the end!" Don't even mention coins because people are highly suggestive. Tourists will dump their coins on you from other nations they've visited if you remind them of it.

Remember...a good busker is priceless!

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