Street Show Basics
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We are going to be talking about the basics that make up a typical performance.

1. Setting the stage - This is where the performer creates the stage before he starts the show. Create a stage in an interesting manner and people will automatically stop to watch you.

2. Gathering a crowd - In my opinion, this is the most difficult part of any show. You have to stop total strangers in their tracks and get them to watch your show. Only by doing something interesting or unique can you get people to stop and watch you in action. In my book, 'Street Performer', I go into this in much greater detail.

3. Holding the crowd - Getting a crowd is not the end of your job. You need to keep them curious and interested in your show so that they hang around till the last minute when you pass your hat around.

4. Performing your show - This is the part where you actually go into your show and make sure that each trick you do is better than your last. You want your show to be exciting, entertaining and building up to a grand finale.

5. The Finale - This is when you deliver your hat lines and launch into your final, grandest effect in your show and WOW the audience. You must have a positive effect on your audience at this point. Leave your audience with a lasting memory of your show. The happier they are, the more they donate.

6. Passing The Hat - Basically, all you do now is walk about with your hat and let the kind folk who watched your show drop money in your hat. It's a sign of appreciation on their part to say that you entertained them and that they acknowledge your talent.

In a nutshell, that's what street performing is all about. It's not rocket science but it is not that easy either. You need to have a good knowledge of street performing and a grasp of certain fundamental skills. My 'Street Performer' book has all the info you will need about performing.

Shawn Leban

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