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Where to start?
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Author:  Mick [ May 17, 2016 ]
Title:  Where to start?

Hello all...Anybody?... I notice it's quiet around here. Probably all out working the pitches.

Anyway I'm new to this game and as yet haven't gone out to seriously busk. Currently I'm a stay at home dad...And middle aged...And in need of a job, or at least a little change to call my own while I keep my ear to the ground for school hours work.

I play Ukulele and also Low Whistle. Think Davy Spillane without the talent. That's me :). I've been thinking of trying my hand at earning a little bit of pocket money by going out on the streets of my local area, but I'm not sure how big a repertoire I'm going to need.

What would the minimum be for a beginner to build on? I plan on busking with the whistle, because, quite frankly, I don't think I have a good enough singing voice, and playing a stringed instrument seems to require singing. So I think the Uke is out of the deal.

Perhaps it might be possible to combine the two, playing some whistle, and some instrumental Uke music just to mix it up. What do the more experienced people think of that idea? Am I the only middle aged, non music school educated, wannabe busker? Or are there more like me who have possibly made a go of it?

Thanks for any help offered.


Author:  Busker Alley [ Aug 20, 2016 ]
Title:  Re: Where to start?

I just saw a kid singing with a uke raking it in so I don't think it's to be discounted.
Can you uke and blow some whistle or harmonica at the same time?
Then you can't sing. :lol:

Author:  Mick [ Nov 16, 2016 ]
Title:  Re: Where to start?

Even my youngest kid sings better than me, and I'm never keen on listening to her for overly long. I would hate to be listening to me sing. Perhaps I will stick with the Low whistle. I tried out a place in my local area with great acoustics, but it was really just looking for a good pitch at the time, and too early in the morning to get anything other than a few onlookers. As ideal as it was acoustically, I would have to lose some of that to be closer to the main foot traffic. I still haven't worked up the courage to try it at peak times yet. Thanks for the reply.


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