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Is anybody as addicted to their magic table as I am? I don't seem to be able to operate without it. I've gone out a couple times without it and sucked. I ususally do 3 shell game and a Benson Bowl type routine with the table. I don't seem to have the same confidence without it. I do sharpshooter and the misers dream and a signed bill into a nest of dolls which doesn't need a table, but my show isn't as good without what I do with the table. Anybody have any similar experiences??? I would like to ditch the table and stand and just work out of a Dr. bag which would be great if the quality of show was as high. Suggestions please!!!!


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You're probably creating a psychological barrier effectively separating you from the edge, your beloved customers. This "podium" effect feels safer to stand behind than not.

Since busking is all about the interaction with your audience, I would suggest running completely around and even through them - "searching" for something you've "lost" - making sure to gently move them out of your way as you "search". Women excel at this because it's all psychological.

By embedding yourself right into the interaction, you can leave your table for your grand finale.



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