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Bloody Busker

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:sing: I remember I was busking on a popular outdoor mall at a commonly used pitch. As a muse, I played and sang between an outdoor cafe and restaurant. Buskers had used the stage for several years. I usually got a coffee at the cafe while on breaks and was familiar with the staff.

One day, a new staff member came outside and asked me to move down the way. When I asked the blond middle-aged woman why, she simply said she didn't appreciate me singing outside on a beautiful day while she slaved away inside. I told her it was my choice in life to busk rather than being a server and I really couldn't help her. She again requested me to move on and left with the satisfaction of having told me 'what for'. I ignored her request and continued performing.

As a mature busker, I had seen the like before. They have a problem with someone busking because they can't do it. After several other altercations, I had become used to this attitude. It has never bothered me and I have never been moved off a pitch.

A few days later, I was back doing my thing and had just started my set when she, again, came briskly walking up to me from out of the cafe with look of authority on her face. As I finished my very first song which, by the way, was a very soft song verging on quiet, she stated to me that there had been "just so many complaints" to her and insisted I move on. I couldn't help chuckling because all of these complaints would be quite impossible considering the song and the whole three minutes I had spent performing it.

After her amazing complaint, she waited for my response. I simply replied, "You don't honestly think I believe that, do you?" She flew into a rage, started yelling all kinds of things at me, and caused a scene with the cafe and restaurant patrons watching and listening. The staff inside was even watching. "I'm going to call the police!" I again laughed and reached into my pocket. I pulled out a quarter for all to see and tried to hand it to her saying, "Here! Go call the police!" while laughing with the customers. Of course, she refused my money and stormed off back into the cafe.

I continued my set as if nothing had happened. No police arrived because there weren't any complaints and it was turning into a normal day. When I was finished with my set, I packed my gear and left.

As it turns out, another busker had then setup and had started to perform his set, too. By the time I heard his story the next day, it was already known that he'd been driven off by the very same woman. He avoided the pitch for the rest of the summer and had been very upset by the woman's threats. Of course, he may have been wanted by the police to begin with. Who knows?

I continued performing at the pitch as usual thoughout the summer. The blond woman had since disappeared from the cafe's staff. One day, I inquired what had happened to her. A horrible look overcame the girls face as she told me that the woman had been the worst employee thay had ever hired. She couldn't do anything right and had actually received tons of complaints herself! The cafe ended up having to fire her! I told the girl that I kinda knew something was wrong with her. She rolled her eyes and said, "No kidding..." I laughed.

Believe it or not, the blond woman returned to the scene now in disguise with black hair. Guessed who noticed her? Of course, I was performing at the time and gave her a big smile.

So long, sucka! :lol:

Who's going to steal the show you know, baby?

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Neo Busker

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Nice one my friend. Always nice to hear about a performer staying centred in the face of a bully.

Darian (Perth, W. Australia)

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