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Permanent LinkApr 4, 2021 
:mrgreen: An article at PS Audio has some interesting anecdotals on the world of busking. Likening it to theater, the "stage" is actually the busker's pitch where the performances happen. The article goes on with a brief yet up-to-date history of busking including virtual or electronic busking.
Daniel Bacchieri points out that “digital platforms are powerful tools capable of transmitting local artists to a global audience. All the world’s a stage and buskers can make it big in a connected world. In the past two decades the audience for street performers has grown from dozens to millions thanks to sharing on social media like Facebook and Twitter, on digital platforms such as YouTube, and streaming services including Spotify.”

Dr. Paul Simpson, a professor of human geography at the University of Plymouth (England) has researched street performers and been a busker himself. He wonders if the beep of a card machine would capture the same spirit of busking in quite the same way.

"Street musicians are the producers of sidewalk melodies, the authors of the soundtrack of our cities. There is a unique interrelation between buskers and fans that occurs only in the streets, with no security staff, no VIP seats, or entrance fee."

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