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:accord: (WWW) It's deja vu all over again with ways to get muses off to a good start busking and street-performing. Musicians are the most popular type of busker simply because of the vast amount of instruments that can be found. Some musicians actually create their own instruments although they vary in timber and quality.
An article at musicindustryhowto.com has prepared the beginning busker with valuable information to give them at least a fighting chance of success when performing in public.

Some segments include preparing your set list, memorizing the music, choosing the right songs, keeping it family friendly, getting your license or permit, observing the rules, performing strategically, and honing your craft.

While some popular bands are mentioned, buskers have been known to find success with songs from famous movie soundtracks. An advantage of these is that they are recognized globally. Think 'The Sound of Music', 'Mary Poppins', etc. A little costuming and you're in for a treat.

"It's steppy time!"

How to Start Busking


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