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I have made a home for myself on Pacific Ave as well as the Boardwalk. It's tough to get people to pay attention though. The areas are so small and congested with performers doing the exact same thing as me. I feel like the amount of talent I have is irrelevant in that situation. People can only take so many guys with guitars before they get bored. I've started looking at other cities to take my show. It's time to hit the road. I think a fresh street will do me some good. :guitar:

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:guitar: Busking as a singer/songwriter with a guitar is the hardest. As you said, there are tons of others trying the same. However, walking away with wads of cash past the others who have 68 cents in their guitar cases is rewarding. You simply have to be the very best.

Just about anything else is easier...stilt walking, magic, clowning, mime, etc. when it comes to busking. People are still fascinated with juggling - so much so that buskers often refer to them as "Not another fooking juggler..."

Perhaps you should create a whole new show with your guitar show as a backup. You could even end your new show with a rousing song performed "live".

Who's going to steal the show you know, baby?

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